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In The Year 2000...


An interesting article. (Found via the Instapundit, of course).

It makes me wonder what maps will look like in twenty years. At the moment we usually put the Atlantic in the middle, with the US and Europe flanking and everywhere else on the fringe. Maybe we should trying putting the Pacific in the center instead?

Interesting side note: whichever ocean is the center, the US has shoreline. If I had more of a background in geopolitics, I'd hypothesize that this is the real reason for the endurance of American relevancy. If.



Just updated the site to use the latest version of Movable Type, primarily for the TypeKey authentication system - I've been having a lot of problems with comment spam.

Probably still bugs to be worked out. Leave comments if you find any.

Ox -> Oxen, Box -> Boxen


So I've been watching the reruns of Gilmore Girls on cable (and I swear to God the next person to make fun of my watching Gilmore Girls will die a horrible and bloody death), and one of the running jokes in yesterday's episode was Lorelai's discovery that the plural of "cul-de-sac" is "culs-de-sac" rather than "cul-de-sacs". Which isn't much of a revelation if you know any French, but still ends up being quite funny.

Anyway, apparently I'm not the only person watching Gilmore Girls. Check out this item from Engadget today.