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“A good start.”

Bad, old jokes aside:

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: the Bush War on Terror was never about hunting down bin Laden. To view it in that light is to characterize it as a campaign of retribution rather than one of pre-emptive self defense. It is a simplistic and reductionist misrepresentation favored primarily by those who opposed Bush in every fashion, and it's a straw man that we would all do well to stop stuffing.

Some people make the world better through their existence, some make it worse, and the vast majority of us largely break even. Osama bin Laden was clearly in the 'worse' column, and in that sense the world is a better place with him a corpse. But to claim that his death in any measurable way makes us safer or surer or more just is folly.

Change I Can Believe In


The Morning After

As a conservative, I understand that our rights are not free;  we pay for them every day.

The price of capitalism is that the vicissitudes of the market may leave good men down or line the pockets of the undeserving.  The price of free speech is that I must endure the discordancy of lies mingling with truth.  And the price of democracy is the ever-present possibility that the candidate I favor may fall before the candidate I do not.

And, having spent eight years deafened by the omnipresent din of untrue and unfair accusations against President Bush, I recognize that the price I pay for resenting those slings and arrows is the ethical obligation to give President Elect Obama a fair chance to prove himself in office.

All of these prices, and the many other prices I must pay for my freedom, I pay willingly.