Stylunk (1.7.1)

Stylunk is a tool that lets you simulate dying and bleaching effects in Clan Lord, the charming 2D persistent-world online roleplaying game that you really should be playing already.

Stylunk is compatible with any Mac running Mac OS X 10.4 or 10.5. Starting with version 1.6, Stylunk reads images out of your CL_Images file, so you must have Clan Lord installed to use Stylunk.

Download Stylunk 1.7.1
Version History

1.7.1 - Noivad Rocks Edition
  • Noivad rocks.
  • Like, hard
  • I mean, like, Aerosmith sees Noivad and they're all like wow, I want to be like that guy!
  • I hear one time he rocked so hard it actually broke the space time continuum.
  • We all would've been in big trouble if Noivad hadn't been there to fix it right away.
    • Boy does that guy rock.
  • All other changes this version are secret.
    • Unlike Noivad rocking, which is totally well-known.
    • Open secret, my friends!
    • Yes indeed!

1.7 - Favors For the Histia-Impaired
  • Muddy Forest Shirt
  • Forest Green Shirt and Pants
  • Woodland Green Shirt
  • Eighth Circle Healer's Ocean Blue Pants
  • Bloodshroud

1.6 - Because Amanda Asked Nicely
  • Stylunk now loads images out of the CL_Images file instead of including copies of every sprite in the application. The next time an icon is tweaked, you should see the change in Stylunk immediately.
  • Hoggle's beauteous rendition of Stylunk the character has now made it back to Stylunk the application in the form of a new icon.
  • The 'Bright Sunrise' shirt that debuted during the last carnival has been added. Better late than never.

1.5.1 - What an ugly icon!
  • Skin paints added.
  • Pants shouldn't occasionally try to be shirts anymore.
  • A few more sprites added.
  • Probably some other stuff I forgot.

1.5 - Now with 40% more kegs!
  • Undo/Redo support.
  • Support for skin dye fading. Thanks, Ann!
  • Support for exporting as GIF, PNG, TIFF, or JPEG.
  • Support for previewing your outfit while running, fighting, or dancing.
  • Support for previewing your outfit against a variety of backdrops (Check the Tools menu).
  • The Help menu is back, but now it does something. Please weigh in if you feel the contents are overly spoiler-y.

1.4.1 - That's Why My Pencil Has An Eraser, Or Something
  • Pants no longer think they're shirts
  • Helpless Help menu removed
  • New Phroon-friendly Expert View added

1.4 - Are We There Yet?
  • Buttons now appear properly under 10.3 - why did nobody tell me about this?
  • Slyph (and other 10.3 holdovers) should be able to see her kegs in the about box.
  • A non-functional menu item whose name happened to be confusing in this context has been removed. Some nice person pointed this out to me and I can't remember who. Thank you, some nice person.
  • I think I've now got every clothing item in the game. Please be rude and demanding when pointing out omissions.
  • The dye and bleach buttons now show a preview of the result. I find this makes experimenting with dyes more productive.
  • The Copy command is enabled and will copy the current image to the clipboard.
  • The reset button has undergone meiosis and has become more useful.
  • Significant internal changes in anticipation of undo support. 'Soon'.

1.3 - Several Thousand Words
  • You want icons, we got icons. Thanks go out to Small, Eldon, Ann, Joe, and whomever else was involved. I think this is everything.
  • New clothing added: red and blue team jerseys, puma pants. I think this is everything save the elusive puma shirt, which I am beginning to suspect is naught but a fanciful legend passed down through the generations.
  • You can wear a cloak without being one of those blasted Juxtaposeds.
  • Lava cloaks cannot be turned into shirts or discolored. Thanks go out to Garr for the intel.
  • You can't bleach or dye your team jersey.
  • You should now be able to see what I have in mind for the skin dyes interface. I just need to figure out the algorithm and hook that slider up.
  • The interface has changed again. I'll keep trying till I get it right.
  • Slyph got her kegs. They're not very well hidden.
  • All other changes this update are a secret. :)

1.2 - First Batch o' Bugs
  • Bug with bleaching unusual shirts fixed. Kudos to Phroon.
  • Added new clothing items: Belt of the Wild, Stonegirdle, Lava Cloak, orange shirts and pants.
  • Bard belts listed as gold rather than yellow
  • Reset button added. Still uncertain about functionality.
  • UI added for advanced skin support (nonfunctional)
  • UI support added for easy shirt/cloak toggling (nonfunctional)
  • Initial groundwork laid for un-dyeable items, like lava cloak (nonfunctional)

1.1 - Initial Public Release

1.0 - Initial Limited Release